How to Create a Great Looping Vine

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 10, 2013 at 11:28 AM

One very cool feature Vine has to offer is the looping feature. Every video you play on Vine continuously loops. Some videos leverage this feature better than others. The lopping feature can really add a lot to your Vine so use it wisely. Here are some tips how.

Looping a Stop Motion Video

If you are doing a Stop Motion Video you want to make the final shot to be the same as the first shot. Check out the examples below to see how the final shot flows perfectly into the first shot.

For instance in the below Vine by Yves Das. All Vines posted by Yves Das are stop-motion clip featuring an adorable little vespa and each one is an awesome example of how to properly loop.

Another great example of a stop-motion video that loops flawlessly is the Hugry Hippo below by artist Ian Padgham. It creates the illusion the hippo consumes car after car.


Telling a Looping Story

If you are making a video that tells a story you want to make sure your story can keep going repetitiously.

Like this example of two guys taking turn having a drink. When the video loops it appears they are having drink after drink.

Another example is of a repetitious story is this guy dosing off and having a dream. When the video loops it seems like he keeps dozing off and having a reoccurring dream.


Focus on the Sound

If you are trying to loop a video perfectly you can focus on the sound. You want a great looping song.

Like the video below featuring the Eurythmics song in a loop.

Another option, is an awesome looping beat, like the one demonstrated in this cup song video below.

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